Returning from a knee injury

Injuries, when weightlifting long term, are inevitable. You WILL eventually tweak, sprain, strain, fracture or break something, that’s just a charge the iron takes from you along the way. More »

Will smoking marijuana hinder my muscle growth?

Okay, OKAY… I COULD sit here and lie to you, claiming I never shook hands with Master Ganj, but I feel honesty is the best policy. More »

2 very beneficial reasons for why everyone should be Sumo Deadlifting

In my opinion, deadlifting of any variation should be performed by all beginner and intermediate lifters purely to jumpstart and/or perpetuate gains. More »

Overlooked bicep buster: Barbell Spider Curls

Who wants big arms? No, no… let me rephrase that, who wants HUGE arms?! If you yelled “Me!” in your head as ecstatically as I think you did then this piece is More »


Training Observation 5: Cycling on leg days works wonders

Train and observe Pt. 5 — we’re back! :)


The Lifestyle – A Short Film Powered by Morphogen Nutrition

The Lifestyle; a peek into the lives of 3 brothers of iron. Maurice Bright, Ben Hartman and Shomo Shotime Das star in this film to provide some insight into what it takes to commit to the fit life ~


How to incorporate a conducive fitness/health routine into your lifestyle effectively

Most people go a little too hard too early in the process and that typically diminishes or destroys enthusiasm across the board. There IS a way to bring consistent fitness and health consciousness into your life withOUT making the transition as miserable as possible – pace yourself.


An inside look on how stimulating fitness can help combat depression

There is a remedy for everything, and one of mine happened to be fitness. Thanks to fitness, I have learned how to apply healthy exercises both mentally and physically, to my daily life.


In Platz We Trust

Pt. 2


Is Training Abs Directly Necessary?

Marc Lobliner of and Maurice Bright of Maurice B Fit discuss the topic of direct abdominal training; watch and comment below with your thoughts! (:


Supplement Review: MTS Nutrition Blue Razz Ruckus

We’re back! Risen from the dead with a supplement review hot and fresh off the presses for your viewing pleasure :)

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Yosoo adjustable wrist wraps product review

Looking for solid wrist support to help you completely BODY some iron? Look no further than Yosoo brand adjustable wrist wraps.

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4 important things that go into successfully adding quality muscle mass

Salutations everybody! Hope the month of August is treating you all absolutely marvelous thus far (: I recently finished up a mini mass phase spanning all last month which has added some quality size to my frame rather successfully (HELL yes x10!!!). During this brief phase, I learned a few things that assisted me in optimizing my efforts and I’m going to share them with you all within this piece here because duh, why wouldn’t I?!?! So, if you’re prepared to add some more meat to your deli (Yes, I just made that up so credit me when you steal it, please and thank you), let’s BEGIN.


5 health benefits of eating pears

Ah, pears…with their soft, succulent exterior and flavored mushy insides; definitely a favorite of mine. Pears are also chalk full of micronutrients (vitamins + minerals), which is very beneficial to your health so we’re going to cover a few of those micros here 😀 (Side note: PEARS RULE!!!)