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mauricebright.com Interview: Fitness Model / Finance Professional Jason Harris

Here is our interview with fitness model/finance professional, Jason Harris.

When did you first start taking fitness seriously?

I first began taking fitness seriously after graduating from The University of Alabama in May 2012.

Why do you feel being fit and healthy is important in life?

Being fit and healthy is about so much more than physical appearance. To me fitness is important because, as human beings, to truly live a life of fulfillment one must constantly strive to develop the body, mind, and spirit. When any one of those three is in lack, the other aspects suffer as well.

photo (6)What is one of your favorite lifts to do?

Building your body is just like building a house: It’s nothing without a strong foundation. Therefore, one of my favorite exercises to do is the classic squat. I, like many people starting out, neglected to work legs, instead focusing on muscle groups like arms and chest. Although working arms and chest are important, leg workouts such as squats will take your physique to the next level! (They will also help to avoid the dreaded “chicken legs” syndrome)

Do you prefer working out with a partner or alone, why?

I prefer to workout alone. I consider myself an extrovert; however I need at least 1-2 hours to myself a day to just simply get into my zone and completely shut out the world. I view my workouts as a time to meditate and focus on my goals.

What motivates you to push through a tough set?

When I’m on the last few reps of a tough set I always remind myself that if I want to be the best, this is the price I have to pay. Anything worth having in this life requires sacrifice; it’s the down payment for success. Many people SAY they want success, but their ACTIONS prove otherwise….

photoWhat do you enjoy most about working out?

One of the things I enjoy most about working out is the feeling of satisfaction I get once I’m done. Going to sleep every night KNOWING you gave it your all that day is the BEST!

What is your diet like?

I am currently on a diet which consists of 6-7 meals / day. Each meal consists of approximately 40% protein, 40% fiber, and 20% healthy fats.

What is your favorite animal?

My favorite animal is the LION. I was born on Aug 7th which means that my zodiac sign falls under Leo, which is symbolized by a lion. Although I don’t really believe in all that zodiac stuff, I do feel like my personality is exactly characteristic of a typical Leo.

Do you have a role model? If so, who is it?

I have many role models, but as far as the fitness industry goes, I have to say one of my favorites is Mike O’Hearn. If you have never heard of him I suggest you look him up. He is a fitness industry icon and someone I would like to model my fitness career after.

What goals have you set for the future?

Currently, I am in the process of building my fitness modeling portfolio with the aspiration of becoming a signed fitness model with a top agency by year end. I will also be competing for the first time this year in various NPC Physique competitions, with the long-term goal of becoming an IFBB Pro. On the flip side, my undergraduate degree is in Finance, and I have plans to go back to graduate school this year to obtain a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) all while developing my current full time career as a banking analyst. Let’s just say I am a busy man!

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