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Soy, Whey and Casein Protein vs Whey Protein alone post workout

Are you drinking whey protein alone post workout? You may want to re-think that choice after reading this!

Have supplement companies talked you into sticking to purely whey protein consumption post workout for optimal muscle building benefits? Well if they have, snap out of it! A clinical study done by Dr. Blake Rasmussen and his colleagues back in 2012 confirmed that consuming a blend of soy, whey and casein protein post workout versus whey protein alone provides a prolonged delivery of amino acids to the muscles, proving it to be optimal for consumption following resistance training. protein-shakeDr. Blake Rasmussen, who is the professor of the Department of Nutrition & Metabolism at the University of Texas Medical Branch, found that the aforementioned blend actually increases a person’s “anabolic window” (refers to the amount of time it takes for building muscle to commence after a workout). The exact protein blend used in the study consisted of 25 percent isolated soy protein, 25 percent isolated whey protein and 50 percent casein. Considering whey protein is the “fast” protein, casein protein is the “slow” protein and soy protein is somewhat of an in the middle protein in terms of digestion, you honestly can’t go wrong with this blend. Morale of this article is, add them all in after a tough workout and watch them muscles grow!

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